The most complete and modern observability platform with true artificial intelligence for hybrid architectures.

Associated Dynatrace Growjet

Growjet   consolidates its relationship with Dynatrace as an associate partner of solutions in Mexico for the commercialization and implementation of the leading observability platform in the market. This adds the experience and effectiveness of the Growjet technical team to the ecosystem of partners for the proper use of technology.

In which cases does Dynatrace help me?


Monitoring vs Observability

There is a big difference between monitoring and observing operational applications that are often confused.


Monitoring tools for: Servers, Linux, Windows, APM, LOGs, Network, Security, Databases. Data, Cloud, etc = Many boards, many war rooms and few solutions.


Modern process that collects, analyzes, relates and identifies problems with minimal effort.

Identify problems, bottlenecks in critical systems, low performance, avoid downtimes, minimize penalties, maintain SLOs, reduce business impact.

DevOps / AppDev

Implementation and analysis of DevOps and SRE industry best practices, accelerate adoption.

Business analysis

Identification and analysis of application performance issues and their impact on business results.

Behavior analysis

Complete observation of the digital journey of users and their transactional behavior in the web or mobile application.

Root cause analysis

Automatic identification of root causes of application problems using Dynatrace's artificial intelligence.

Security Operations 

Detection and blocking of attacks in real time. Reduce business risk with automatic vulnerability management and protection.

Infrastructure Monitoring

 Automated detection and mapping of application and infrastructure dependencies (including cloud services).


Monitor the performance, availability, and health of your IoT devices through a single AI-powered, all-in- one platform—from the source to the data center.

Multi-Cloud Dynamic Observation

Unified observation of the clouds of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Redhat Openshift, kubernetes, Snowflake, Microservices, Containers, etc.

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True artificial intelligence

Automatic problem detection right out of the box (no configuration required)

Automatic identification of the root cause.

Analyze with business impact (see how many people and who are experiencing problems)

We deliver answers, not just boards!

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