Technological modernization

Comprehensive solutions to modernize, protect and scale your business infrastructure

DELL Technologies Enterprise Solutions

With a portfolio of specialized, innovative products that are well ahead of the competition, Dell Technologies offers you solutions to meet all your infrastructure requirements, such as:

  • Data Center: Databases, ERP, CRM, Data Warehouse, Big Data, etc.

  • Branch offices

  • At the Edge: Industrial or Field Application Equipment

  • Private, hybrid cloud.

  • Virtualization, Containers and Kubernetes

  • Mobile and business computing

In addition, the range of professional services and managed services allow you to take a competitive advantage in terms of the generation and management of your business information.


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Best architectures and solutions for Data Center, Virtualization, Containers, Cloud, DevOps

StorMagic: High Availability for Branches 

StorMagic helps store, protect and use data from and at the edge:

  • Any type of data, wherever and whenever.

  • Data always protected and available forever.

  • Data remains active, searchable and actionable.

The data at and from the edge is what StorMagic refers to as forever data. Data is being created and used all the time and must be protected and managed, perhaps forever.

To achieve this, StorMagic offers three infrastructure products with technical capabilities to be deployed in the cloud:

SvSAN - Hyperconverged Infrastructure
100% availability with only 2 nodes for your branches. Learn more



ARQvault VMS - Video surveillance powerful and simple
Capture, integrate with other systems, use and retain all the content, the best, locate what you need no matter where you are. Learn more


SvKMS - Encrypted Key Manager
La mejor cartera para administrar y proteger las llaves para tener acceso a sus aplicaciones donde se requiera.The best wallet to manage and protect the keys to have access to your applications where needed.Learn more 

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