The most reliable platform to replicate and integrate data in a centralized repository; fast, reliable, easy and safe

Connection and centralization of data, automated, scalable and secure

Fivetran is a specialized tool for data replication and integration that facilitates the connection between data sources of various types and formats with destinations of any type including Databases, SAP, Data Warehouse and Data Lakes. 

 It is the most trusted platform for building data streams quickly and without code which allows your data team to deliver better data, faster and of better quality for better insights.


More than 3,500 companies trust the Fivetran solution to boost their data movement

Platform Operations.
Terabytes of data 
synced monthly.
Engineers building and maintaining
data pipelines every day.

The building block for a modern data architecture

Fivetran simplifies the process of building data pipelines to replicate or move data from various sources, internal or external, continuously, reliably and quickly to other databases, Data Warehouses or Data Lakes without the need to grow your engineering team of data and continuously attending to business needs by acquiring new data to analyze.

Fivetran is an ELT (Extract-Load-Transform, Extract-Load, Transfroma) tool that offers speed, security and reliability in your data needs.

Fivetran solves problems such as:

  • Replicate a large volume of data in real time between databases with minimal impact.

  • Move data from SAP to your Data Warehouse in the Cloud.

  • Integrate external SaaS data sources such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon S3, Facebook, Google Adwords, MySQL or others to enrich your analytics.

  • Provides a schema for unstructured feeds allowing you to get the most out of them through SQL queries, like Twitter.

  • Keep the delivery of data updated for analysis.

  • Simplify the update of the data schema to be delivered.

Focusing the efforts of your data team on Analysis, not on the extraction and delivery of data, placing people where they really offer value, is Fivetran's goal.

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Feed your Use Cases with data with Fivetran's set of automated, scalable and secure solutions 

Marketing analytics

Improve campaign performance and boost ROI with a more complete view of your marketing.

Finance analytics

Supercharge your finance team with faster reporting and deeper insights. 

Database replication

Centralize your on-premises and cloud databases quickly and easily.

Sales + customer success analytics

Visualize your sales pipeline and monitor customer satisfaction.

Only three steps to replicate, integrate and
centralize your data


  • 250+ pre-built and fully manageable connectors, including Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, Salesforce, Twitter, Google Ads, etc.

  • Immediate deployment “Out-of-the-box” (in just 5 minutes).

  • High-volume data replication for databases and SAP with low impact and near real-time change tracking.

  • Completely free of code.

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  • Automation of the change update process.

  • Automatic management of schema generation.

  • Self-healing properties (logic of automatic attempts, intelligence establishment of transfer limits in the API).

  • Infrastructure built for high resilience and data transfer guarantee.

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  • Speed up your analytics processes with built-in task scheduling and pre-built data models.

  • Fivetran automatically runs transformations when new data is loaded.

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Fivetran makes it simple

Manage your data replication, integration, and loading automation from a single point of control.

Fivetran manages and automates the extraction, loading and transformation of your data.

Integrate your data with complete peace of mind and security

Encryption Wallet
Passwords and secure data are replicated during temporary storage.


Encryption everywhere
Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. 


Lockdown firewalls
Data stays in your environment, with replication components under your control.

Connectivity Control
Block which systems can communicate with authentication certificates.


Registration and Audit
Full control over data access and detailed logging means full control over how data is handled and by whom.  


Secure login
We integrate with industry standard authentication protocols like LDAP, Kerberos, and Active Directory.  


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The best option for integration and data replication.