Open IT

Dedicated to optimizing Engineering Licenses and IT assets

Open IT transforms usage data into actionable information that leads to reduced IT costs, effective resource planning, improved user experience, and streamlined software license management. With more than 20 years of experience in various industries, it enables companies to make smarter decisions about engineering software license management through advanced measurement and reporting solutions.

$30k M usd

Unused software around the world can be turned into cost savings

Los usuarios se benefician de decisiones más inteligentes del Administración de Activos TI

Open IT customer see ROI within 3 to 9 months

Measure. Analyze. Optimize.

OpenIT provides advanced measurement and reporting solutions to help companies and institutions make smarter decisions about software license management.

  1. Maximizing investment in high-value licenses 

  2. Reduction of subscription costs

Main engineering applications supported



Other type of licensing such as SAP


Optimization on three levels

Level 1: Use time

  • Measurement and reports of "check-in/out" of applications managed from license servers, "stand-alone" and based on the web.

  • License monitor in real time

  • Proactive Alerts

  • Boards

  • Efficiency Reports

  • Licensing simulation

  • Enable Pay As You Go

It gives visibility of the applications that are being used in real time and provides relevant information to support decision making.

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Level 2:  Actual Active Use

  • Analysis of application usage based on CPU, I/O, Keyboard, and Mouse activity.

Provides visibility into actual application usage and enables policies and controls to be developed to maximize application usage.

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Level 3: Managed Use

  • Automated policy-based license collection 

    The policy includes:

    • Prioritization of users or user groups

    • Optimization programming

    • License Utilization Percentage

It allows the automated implementation of the policies and controls defined to have an adequate use of the applications and avoid unnecessary high costs.

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Open IT helps simplify IT resource management and decision making, reducing costs and waste, and improving the reliability and performance of your software assets.

Enterprise-wide monitoring
Generate accurate historical usage of applications associated with a license manager. Import this data into your preferred BI tool for added convenience.


IT Chargeback
Implement a fair chargeback system based on actual usage data that can be broken down by departments, business units, projects, user groups, or individuals.


ROI analysis
A focused investigation of usage-based costing software for an organization is needed to demonstrate that software resources are deployed in a manner that maximizes both effectiveness and efficiency.

Technology adoption
View usage by version to identify: training needs, super users, potential security risks in older versions, and acceptance of new versions.


Supplier negotiation
Take advantage of the data collected to be better equipped for contract renewals.


Optimize license usage
Uncover optimization opportunities by identifying true active usage of your software applications and automatically collecting inactive licenses.


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